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Seeds to Table (8 Week Course) – now FULL

Course is now FULL. 8 weeks of classroom instruction and hands-on workshops covering everything from soil preparation and seed selection to planting, maintaining, harvesting and preserving. Focus is on gardens you can EAT as well as colourful and helpful companion flowers.


Japanese Beetles in Ontario

Japanese Beetles are most active from July to early September. These voracious little pests damage many species of plants. Let's understand the life cycle and options to help control this beetle and reduce the damage in the garden.


Spring is NOT the time to deal with grubs

Ignore all the ads for grub control in spring. It's just about the least effective time to try to control grubs, insects then so close to maturity that they're next to impossible to reach and kill. Baby grubs, that's what we should go after.


Book a Master Gardener

London Middlesex Master Gardeners are a non-profit group of volunteers operating locally since 1985. Our mandate is to provide unbiased gardening advice and expertise to encourage successful and sustainable horticultural practices for home gardeners.