We’ve all been taught some garden tips that are actually myths! Joe Gardener.com recently offered a podcast series that features one of our trusted gardening advisors Linda Chalker-Scott answering questions about dozens of garden myths. Click Part1, 2 or 3 below to hear more about the topics listed:

Garden Myths Busted Part1

    • Planting Following Moon Phases
    • Adding Epsom Salts
    • Mycorrhizal Fungi
    • Eggshells, Coffee Grounds & Banana Peels
    • Compost Tea
    • Synthetic Fertilizer on Good Bacteria
  • Transplant Fertilizer and Vitamin B1
  • Fresh Wood Chips & Nitrogen depletion
  • Treated Pallets & Pine Needle Mulch
  • Amending the Planting Hole
  • To Till or Not to Till

Garden Myths Busted Part2

  • Crop Rotation
  • Composting
  • Slug Control with Beer or Coffee Grounds
  • Companion Planting
  • Allelopathic Plabts
  • Scarecrows and Caster Oil
  • Japanese Beetle control
  • Wood chips and Pest Control
  • Baking Soda to Control Disease
  • Tobacco and Tomatoes
  • Leaves Burned by Water Drops
  • Watering Lawns

Garden Myths Busted Part 3

  • BioChar
  • Worm impact on soil
  • Container Drainage
  • Corn Gluten as Weed Control
  • Natural Herbicides
  • Deadheading and Starter Fertiliser
  • Street Lights
  • Plants and Copper
  • Draining Tree Cavities
  • Tomatoes & Red Plastic Mlch
  • Winter Care
  • Mowing High or Low
  • Pruning Crape Myrtels
  • Replanting Roses
  • Preferred Soil for Vegetables
  • Treated Lumber
  • Pressure Washing chemicals
  • Talking to Plants

Part3 wraps up with Linda’s Top 3 Myths:

  • Staking trees
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Foliar Feeding

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Contributed by Linda Armstrong, London Middlesex Master Gardeners