One of the first steps in solving any garden problem is identifying what it is. Some use Facebook groups – such as PlantIdent101 or What’s Wrong with My Plant? Others will want to do their own research using reliable databases and online searches.

Integrated Pest Management (more about that below) is the absolute best way to deal with any garden problem, so here are the basic three steps to tackling an issue in your garden:

  1. Research, using databases such as those below, to help identify your problem. Or maybe Ask a Master Gardener for advice
  2. Read about the five practices of IPM that will help you avoid the environmentally-destructive short-term fix of using chemicals.
  3. Plan your attack and work at it until you succeed.

It all starts with Weed Pest and Disease databases for Identification

What bug is that? Why are my vegetables not thriving? Are these leaves diseased? All these questions and more can often be answered by searching reputable weed pest and disease databases. We suggest you try one of these reputable ones:




Integrated Pest Management Resources

Start with our overview to understand the basics –Gardening with Fewer Chemicals – Introduction to IPM

Related Information

City and Government Resources for gardeners

Conservation and Environmental Resources – “get your Green on”


Plant Choices – Find images, growing conditions, and native selections

Gardening and Nature Apps – information ‘on the go’