London Middlesex Master Gardeners are a non-profit group of volunteers operating locally since 1985. Our mandate is to provide unbiased gardening advice and expertise to encourage successful and sustainable horticultural practices for home gardeners.

How can we help?

EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS  –  We answer hundreds of emails each year from concerned gardeners. Write to us.

OFFER US A BOOTH OR VISIT OUR BOOTH FOR FREE ADVICE AT EVENTS – We provide support and information booths for horticultural societies, garden walks, festivals, garden clubs or other organizations.

 BOOK US AS SPEAKERS – We are available to speak to groups for a fee.  The cost for a one-hour presentation is $60 (plus a low mileage fee for presentations outside Middlesex County).

Our talented and experienced Master Gardeners can do one-hour presentations on a wide variety of topics.  Our presentations can sometimes be tailored to audience interests and we are available throughout the year. To book a presentation, booth or obtain further information, please e-mail us by clicking Contact Us.

These are the type of topics we can offer. Contact us to ask about other ideas:

General Gardening Knowledge 

  • Attracting Pollinators – must-haves for our gardens!
  • Garden Maintenance – don’t make it harder than necessary
  • Healthy Soil – key facts and how to amend it
  • Dealing with Insects – Integrated Pest Management
  • Growing from Seed – how to succeed
  • Vegetable Gardening – grow something edible!
  • Weeds – new ways to manage old problems

Lawns, Shrubs, and Trees 

  • Healthy Lawns …or Alternatives
  • Pruning techniques and timing
  • Shrubs for Design – Adding Bones and Seasonal interest

Specialty Gardening

  • Container Gardening
  • Holiday Plants – enjoy longer, renew for next year
  • Water Features and Ponds – How to Design, Stock, Maintain