Most City and Government resources for gardeners are well-researched, detailed, advice about environmentally sustainable practices.  Their sites host loads of well-researched information about growing crops, protecting the environment, and conserving natural resources.

Tip – when searching online, try using OMAFRA or MINISTRY in your search string to ‘weed out’ less reliable advice.

Our Favourite City and Government Resources for gardeners

Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks – Focused on healthier communities and economic prosperity through protecting Ontario’s air, land and water.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry– Protecting Ontario’s biodiversity while promoting economic opportunities in the resource sector and supporting outdoor recreation opportunities.

Natural Resources Canada – Plant Hardiness site – This site explores the relationship between plants and climate across Canada. One portion of the site is dedicated to hardiness zone maps, which have traditionally been used by gardeners to help select which plant species to grow in their area. Another part of the site presents maps and models that summarize the climatic requirements of thousands of plants from across North America. A final aspect of the site gathers data and provides summaries about plants that occur in your area.

OMAFRA – Online Gardeners Handbook – An excellent reference guide for home gardeners

OMAFRA – Ontario Weeds– images and a searchable database

OMAFRA – Ontario Insects– images and a searchable database