There are lots of great how-to and inspirational garden videos online Tips:

  • search “garden videos” on YouTube, Google, or TED Talks
  • there are some misinformed gardeners so we’ve listed sites that generally have reliable and factual advice
  • once you find something that appeals, follow that host or group to see more!

Here are some of the best we’ve seen so far.

Master Gardener YouTube Channels

YouTube videos are now being produced by a few Ontario Master Gardener groups. We suggest that you Subscribe to see new material as it is produced. Enjoy!

London Middlesex Master Gardeners

Toronto Master Gardeners

Canadian Garden Videos – YouTube channels

TED Talks:

Variety of Garden Videos

Environmental Focus

Urban Gardeners

Middlesex County videographer Phil McLeod covers four local urban ‘farmers’. Short and sweet and worth a peek:

Related Information

Garden Blogs are a great way to continue learning

Gardening and Nature Apps – information ‘on the go’