There are lots of great how-to and inspirational garden videos online. Try searching YouTube, Google or TED Talks – YouTube search  Google – How to

Here are some of the best we’ve seen so far.


Urban Gardeners profiled – this series by local videographer Phil McLeod covers four local urban ‘farmers’. Short and sweet and worth a peek:

TED Talks:

‘How to’ gardening videos  featuring Yolanda Vanveen. Learn how to care for many plants from Anthurium, Bamboo, Chives, Hydrangeas, Rhubarb to Zantedeschia.  TopTwentyFiveGardeningVideos

500 Garden Videos courtesy of Wisconsin Gardening blog

Debunking 4 popular gardening tips from Good Gardening Videos, a site run by garden writers and scientists who know which advice is evidence-based and which isn’t. This video tackles four myths, but there’s way more where that came from.

24 Best Vegetable Harvesting Videos – accurate advice, decent audio and video quality, and not a lot of chit-chat.

How to properly remove invasives such as Dog Strangling Vine 

Making Compost Tea – easy way to make ‘tea’ from compost and water – a source of nutrients for your plants

Pruning climbing roses can sometimes be intimidating. It’s not. Nor is controlling it all season long to keep it tidy. This 8 minute video shows you some simple techniques to get the most out of your climbing roses while keeping them under control. Pruning and Controlling Climbing Roses

Ruth Stout  – Enjoy a lengthy, rather low resolution but still very enjoyable video of Ruth sharing her views about low maintenance gardening as well as growing and harvesting vegetables year-round.

Organic Gardening Resource Center – focused on healthy & safe food supply, clean & sustainable environment and an enjoyable & rewarding experience

Urban Forestry videos – great videos about trees; for example “Selecting Tough Trees for Tough Sites”

How to Build a Rain garden – water is flowing through our landscapes faster than ever – paved surfaces prevent it from seeping. The results are flooding, erosion and pollution. Here’s an easy to follow set of videos hosted by Mark Cullen in collaboration with Landscape Ontario and Parkland Landscapes.