Garden blogs – the best ones are well worth reading!

The only tricky part is to ensure they’re written by well-respected writers and not perpetuating myths and outdated advice.  Here are some garden blogs we’ve found that should be appropriate for most Ontario gardeners.

Garden Blogs from Canada-based writers

Garden Making magazine – hundreds of useful articles, free downloads, and a regular newsletter

Garden Myths – Learn the truth about gardening – master gardener and author Robert Pavlis tests and debunks many common myths about things we thought we knew about gardening.

Helen & Sarah Battersby – Toronto Gardens – these sisters are award-winning garden writers

Mark & Ben Cullen –  Order of Canada winner for the development of horticultural education. “10,000 Gardening Questions Answered”

Savvy Gardening –  well-known garden writers Nicky Jabbour, Jessica Walliser, and Tara Nolan offer newsletters and YouTube videos featuring “innovative solutions, novel ideas, enlightening research and a solid dose of sensible advice”.

Steven Biggs – Food-Garden-Life Steven is one of the “green gang” of Canadians making a difference in horticulture.

The New Perennialist   Toronto-based garden writer Tony Spencer offers his views on naturalistic landscape design

There Blooms a Garden–  Zone 2/3 gardener Holly Rupert shares her passion for impactful design, planting for pollinators, garden ornamentation, and growing edibles.

Garden Blogs – interesting options from writers in the UK and Northern USA

Cold Climate Gardening – From Upper NY State, this blog has good advice and exquisite garden photography.

Garden AtoZ – Michigan-based Janet & Steven have published many books, written gardening Q&A for a major newspaper, hosted talk radio, run a gardeners’ school, and done numerous speaking gigs. Known for well-researched and often humorous insights.

Gardening Glove – owner, editor, columnist, and author Kathy Woodard seeks to provide all do-it-yourself gardeners the knowledge, tools, creativity, and inspiration to enjoy the grace of nature in their own backyard.

Garden Loka – general knowledge including cheap ways to nourish and sustain a garden without investing too much money.

Grounded Design – Thomas Rainer’s provocative blog highlights trends in landscape design.

In Lee’s Garden Now – Lee Reich, an agricultural researcher turned writer and consultant, has written several practical gardening books; several of which focus on fruit cultivation.

Native Plants for Bees – many articles and tips here from US-based National Wildlife Federation

Noel’s Garden Blog – UK-based Noel Kingbury, noted educator and researcher, offers an excellent window on horticulture around the world.