Interested in reading a regular blog or tips about garden issues? Here are a few we’ve found so far that seem to be appropriate for our zone.

Garden AtoZ– US Michigan – Janet & Steven have published many books, written gardening Q&A for a major newspaper, hosted talk radio, run a gardeners’ school, and done numerous speaking gigs. Known for well-researched and often humorous insights.– Canada – A wide portal to gardening websites, radio and video resources. Here are links to Ontario blogs:

Cold Climate Gardening – US Upper NY State. – Good advice and exquisite garden photography.

Gardening Glove – US – owner, editor, columnist and author Kathy Woodard seeks to provide all do it yourself gardeners the knowledge, tools, creativity, and inspiration to enjoy the grace of nature in their own backyard.

Garden Loka – US – good general knowledge including cheap ways to nourish and sustain a garden without investing too much money.

Garden Making magazine – Canada – hundreds of useful articles and free downloads

Garden Myths – Learn the truth about gardening – master gardener and author Robert Pavlis tests and debunks many common myths about things we thought we knew about gardening

Grounded Design – US – Thomas Rainer’s provocative blog highlights trends in landscape design.

Horticulture Magazine – US – comprehensive articles and several linked blogs

ICanGarden – Each week a batch of new articles and also check out thousands of articles previously posted.

In Lee’s Garden Now – US – Lee Reich, an agricultural researcher turned writer and consultant, has written several practical gardening books; several of which focus on fruit cultivation.

May Dreams Gardens – US – Visit any time you need a little inspiration. Also many links to other garden blogs.

Native Plants for Bees – US – many articles and tips here from the US-based National Wildlife Federation

Noel’s Garden Blog– UK – Noel Kingbury, noted educator and researcher, offers an excellent window on horticulture.

The New Perennialist– Canada – Toronto-based garden writer Tony Spencer offers his views on naturalistic landscape design

There Blooms a Garden– Canada – Zone 2/3 gardener Holly Rupert shares her passion for impactful design, planting for pollinators, garden ornamentation, and growing edibles.

Tipnut – Garden, Plants & Nifty Projects – Great site for simple and frugal tips that are presented in a concise well-organized way. Lots of creative ideas with simple household products.

Veggie Gardener – dedicated to growing vegetables in the home garden including gardening tips, how-tos, composting, growing tomatoes, product reviews, seed starting, harvesting, herbs, pest guides etc.