If you love growing garlic as much as we do, you’re probably still enjoying last season’s harvest.  While us gardeners have been busy ringing in the new year, our remaining garlic is secretly working towards its next cycle… sprouting!  There are no precursors to look out for before this happens, making it all the more devious.  Are these sneaky neon green sprouts a sign that your garlic is past its prime?  Not necessarily.  As garlic ages, it develops a sharp, more pungent taste. It also starts to sprout.  Sprouting is not spoilage!  The telltale sign of spoiled garlic is a soft, mushy or spotted clove.

Garlic Sprouting

You can indeed use sprouting garlic as long as the garlic is still firm.  Simply peel the cloves and slice each clove in half lengthwise. The sprout will be exposed and you can easily pull it out.  However, many chefs report that once a garlic sprouts, it can begin to taste incredibly bitter.  And we all know the drill.  Once one clove starts sprouting, the rest will soon follow.  So if you’re seeing early signs of sprouting you may want to consider preserving your garlic to make the most out of your harvest.

We’ve included three methods of preserving garlic: roasting, canning, and freezing.  Preserved garlic can be used exactly like fresh garlic.  These preserving methods maintain the same aromatic, flavorful goodness of a freshly harvested garlic bulb.  Click the recipes below to see how it’s done and enjoy your fresh garlic all winter long!

Check your stored garlic – Useful in Recipes

Roasted Garlic Recipe  Freezing Garlic Recipe  Canning Garlic Recipe

Planting Garlic in the Fall