Master Gardeners and University Extension Service resources are very different in Canada vs the USA. In Canada, two universities offer courses for master gardeners who then volunteer with Master Gardeners of Ontario, independent of any ongoing university involvement. In the USA, extension services retain connections to their universities and contribute to and have access to a wealth of online materials offered on their websites.

Master Gardener University Extension Resources – tips and links

Master Gardeners in Ontario have websites and FaceBook groups and increasingly are offering online materials. Each group is at a different stage so you’ll find that some sites offer more than others.

University Extension services in the USA are excellent sources of free information for agricultural uses and home gardens and their information is often geared to the same zones as we encounter in our Ontario gardens. Their materials are usually science-based and peer-reviewed.

University Extension Services (USA)

  • to find better quality advice from University Extension services, add this to your search string 
  • links to Extension Services across the US. When possible, use information from a more northerly one as their climate and growing conditions are likely to be more similar.

Canadian Master Gardener Resources

Links to Master Gardener websites. Find one near you  

Master Gardeners of Ontario – Facebook Group – an excellent option for home gardeners to learn!

University of Guelph – Horticulture program

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The 3 courses that are now required for MG Certification are:
Plant Identification
Soils and Plant Growth
Integrated Pest Management

Dalhousie University

Image result for dalhousie universityThe MG program is comprised of 4 courses:
• The Science of Gardening
• Maintaining the Garden
• Plant ID
• The Art of Gardening

Learn more about training and volunteering as a Master Gardener

MGOI – Master Gardeners of Ontario website