While many crops will not grow during Winter’s coldest temperatures, many vegetables will tolerate and flourish with the cool temperatures of Fall and Winter.  In this video, our own Master Gardener, Dr. Amy Turnbull, takes us on a tour of her lush Winter garden.  Winter Gardening in Zone 6 may not be common but it is possible and certainly worthwhile.

Winter Gardening

Amy’s success comes with a little planning and careful plant selection.  In this article, Amy explains how to select the toughest plants, when to plant them and also goes into detail on how to protect plants during the Winter.

Looking for additional inspiration about Winter Gardening in Zone 6?  Amy recommends checking out Niki Jabbour’s books.  Niki is an enthusiastic year-round gardener that has written books on the subject.  You can meet Niki here and read her posts on winter gardening here.

If you have questions for Amy, please feel more than free to hit the “Contact Us” button at the top of this page.  She would be happy to help you extend the growing season and have garden-fresh food on your dinner plate in the depths of winter.