Take this short quiz and test your gardening knowledge. Gardening is an ongoing journey of learning, often learning through trial and error.  Are you ready to test your basic knowledge?


1.  What is a heirloom seed?

a.  A seed your grandmother gives you

b.  A seed that’s worth a lot of money

c.  A seed from a variety of plant that has been around for many years


2.  What best describes annuals?

a.  Plants that bloom once a year

b.  Plants that thrive year-round

c.  Plants that have a year long life cycle


3.  Which of these veggies is a cool weather crop?

a.  Peppers

b.  Cauliflower

c.  Tomatoes


4.  What is girdling?

a.  The wrapping of shrubs for winter protection

b.  Choking of a branch by a wire or other material

c.  How an aphid chews its way around the stem of a plant


5.  Which of these is a great source of nitrogen for your soil?

a. Coffee grounds

b.  Sugar

c.  Banana peels


6.  What is the general term given to trees and shrubs whose leaves fall in the autumn?

a.  Evergreen

b.  Deciduous

c.  Ambidextrous


7.  All plants need a similar type of nutrient rich soil.

a.  True

b.  False

c.  True except for cacti


8.  What is a weed?

a.  Any plant growing in the wrong place

b.  A plant that comes up unexpectedly

c.  Any plant you didn’t plant


9.  What does deadheading flowers do?

a.  Stimulates root growth

b.  Stunts growth

c.  Encourages further blooming


10.  What do the three numbers on fertilize containers mean?

a.  Percentage of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium

b.  Ratio between potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen

c.  Percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus,  potassium


How did you do?


Check your answers below:


1c,   2c, 3b,  4b,  5a,  6b,  7b, 8a,  9c,  10c

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