Garlic is quite easy to grow and yummy to enjoy. Fall is the time to plant garlic.

Here’s how to plant garlic!

Garlic is a counter-intuitive crop. Plant in the fall, harvest scapes in early summer, and bulbs in late summer.

  • Start by selecting the largest and cleanest cloves from your seed garlic or last year’s crop
  • Avoid planting small or damaged cloves, as you ‘reap what you sow’
  • Dig a hole 1-2” deep, and add a mixture of soil and compost. Garlic is a “heavy feeder” crop that thrives on compost
  • Plant in 4-6” rows, 2” apart
  • Plant cloves “pointy side up” or ‘roots down’
  • Fill hole
  • Add 6” of mulch
  • Straw, leaves and bark mulch are all effective materials for mulch
  • Harvest garlic scapes in early summer
  • Harvest your garlic bulbs in late summer and fall

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