Ontario Invasive Plant Council is a multi-sector, non-profit group committed to the collaboration of organizations and citizens in order to more effectively respond to the threat of invasive plants in Ontario.

They have awesome resources to help us manage invasives!

Check this out Best Management Practices for each type of invasive plant

Scroll down on this resource to find Invasive Plant Technical Bulletins – essentially quick and easy to read Fact Sheets, downloadable and easy to print.

Learn about Invasive Plants

Check out their website for coming events, resources, and loads of information about species such as that growing plague along roadsides and wetlands, Phragmites,  and two relatively new invaders to our woodlands and natural areas, Dog Strangling Vine and Japanese Knotweed.

What to Grow instead

Learn also about plants still in our ornamental gardens that are becoming invaders of natural areas. Grow Me Instead will highlight those common garden invaders and their alternatives.

Help prevent the spread of invasive plants by being aware of which plants are the worst. Beware of those free gifts from friends and neighbours too. Learn which ones will take over your entire garden and the woodlot next door!

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Ontario Invasive Plant council

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