South Western Ontario’s Carolinian Forest  is unique to North eastern North America. Some of the most diverse plant and animal life live in this region. For both new and seasoned gardeners, In the Zone helps you plan, cultivate,  track, and connect your garden with the larger ecosystem, and the community.

With support from wildlife and gardening experts, In the Zone will guide your garden design to help you cultivate vital habitat for warblers, frogs, owls, monarchs, salamanders and more.

Using the In the Zone Garden Tracker, you can track your garden’s transformation and link your sightings with important scientific databases such as the Natural Heritage Information Centre and eBird.

Citizen monitoring makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of biodiversity in Ontario, and what’s happening in your garden can reveal insights into the health of species in the Carolinian Zone.

When you join In the Zone, you can connect with a community of gardeners to share tips, exchange native plants and celebrate successes knowing you are making a difference where you live. Your collective efforts will help preserve biodiversity and the health of the wider ecosystem on which people and wildlife depend.

Join in the Zone today, and connect with fellow gardeners, the wider and wilder ecosystem we live in.