It’s not too early to think of Christmas gifts for gardeners in your life.

Now is a good time to think of that gardening partner or friend and consider a Christmas gift worthy of their interests and one that would help sustain garden cravings and past summer memories until spring. Christmas gifts for gardeners can be purchased at nurseries that remain open in the fall, at local home & garden stores, online at Lee Valley Tools or any other local or online suppliers.  Hopefully, these suggestions will warm you.

  1. Something Literary. A subscription to a Canadian gardening magazine or specialty publication eg about birds, growing native plants or water gardens is always appreciated. You’re giving the gift of a good winter read in front of a warm fireplace!
  2. Something Personal. Show you know your partner/friend’s individual garden passion and purchase a well-illustrated book that highlights that particular plant or practice.
  3. Something to make Gardening Easier, not only good for those with physical limitations but to anyone else wishing to make gardening more comfortable.
    1. Ergonomic tools that make it easier to cultivate, eg for those with arthritis 
    2. Propane torch weeder for quickly killing weeds in interlocking brick
    3. Padded garden kneelers
    4. Multi-purpose Hori Hori knife
    5. A good bulb auger will be particularly cherished in the late spring
  4. Something to Make Your Gardens Look and Sound Cheerful. A package including a good squirrel-proof bird feeder, a few birdhouses, and a birdbath will go miles to attracting useful, pleasant-sounding visitors to your yard. Special feeders like those for Hummingbirds and Baltimore Orioles will provide one with the ability to attract the wonderfully unusual.
  5. Something that Addresses an Important area of your Gardening Practices. A transplant shovel just for dividing is one example. A special step-on weeder that removes the pesky weeds in your lawn is another.
  6. Something to Make One Look Forward to Spring. Stocking stuffers of heirloom seeds, growing pots, plant markers, and mini garden gadgets are welcome unique gifts.
  7. Something Useful for the Gadget minded. A motion-activated sprinkler to chase the dreaded bunnies, squirrels and skunks. Solar lights or ornate garden stepping stones to help accent your own ‘Moon Garden’. Consider the upside-down tomato/herb planter for a very unusual gift.
  8. Something to Permit the Gardener to choose their own Gift. A gift certificate to the gardener’s favourite garden store or nursery will permit him/her to select what’s most needed.
  9. Something Special. Obtain the gardener’s favourite garden photo and have it enlarged and framed.
  10. Something Educational. Research courses offered by facilitators like Master Gardeners, Lee Valley, City of London, and libraries, and give a gift of a paid course.
  11. Something Unusual but helpful. There are many items like garden salves and soap, felt outdoor slippers, certificates for several yards of mulch, unique cultivators and garden implements, or garden decor that are always appreciated by anyone unwrapping them on Christmas Day.
  12. Something that lasts all year. An inexpensive membership to local Horticultural Society affords you discounts at many good nurseries, plant exchanges, socializing, and the opportunity to hear good speakers throughout the year. A great stocking stuffer for approximately $10-15.
  13. Something You can do Together. Treat someone to a trip to Canada Blooms, local Home and Garden Shows and Fairs or London Middlesex Master Gardeners Seedy Saturday on the first Saturday in March.
  14. Something to Capture Magic Moments in the Garden Forever. Consider the gift of a digital camera. Purchase a few 2 gig memory cards to help someone capture next year’s garden. This is a gift that keeps on giving and provide good memories during the winter season.
  15. Something to show you really care for your gardening friend. Consider a 3 or 6-month membership at a local health club to get your gardening friend in shape for the Spring and healthier overall.

Finally, one of the most important gifts and one that could never be measured in dollars and cents,

  1. The Gift of Time and Independence. Consider certificates to either pledge personally or provide professional assistance to your favourite gardener. Provide less able gardeners with transportation to give them independence. These gifts are truly the most valuable of all.

Hopefully, the above suggestions for Christmas gifts for gardeners will help you with your shopping this year.

I wish, on behalf of the London/Middlesex Master Gardeners and the many Master Gardeners of Ontario, everyone a safe and festive season and a prosperous New Year. Plan to attend our Seedy Saturday, on the first Saturday in March at Carling Community Center. It’s always been a great event. Will see you there.