We are all about sharing knowledge. You can find help from the Master Gardeners by reaching out to us. We can answer garden-related questions or deliver talks to interested groups.

Who are we? We are a non-profit group of volunteers operating locally since 1985. Our mandate is to provide educated, unbiased, practical, and ecological gardening advice. We help home gardeners grow their knowledge of horticultural practices to increase enjoyment and success in their gardens. 

Find Help from Master Gardeners

EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS  –  We answer hundreds of emails each year from concerned gardeners. Write to us.

OFFER US A BOOTH OR VISIT OUR BOOTH FOR ADVICE AT EVENTS – We provide support and information booths for horticultural societies, garden walks, festivals, garden clubs, or other organizations.

 BOOK US AS SPEAKERS – We are available to speak to groups for a fee.  If travel is required outside Middlesex County, there’s also a low mileage fee.

Our talented and experienced Master Gardeners can do one-hour presentations on a wide variety of topics.  Our presentations can sometimes be tailored to audience interests and we are available throughout the year. To book a presentation, or get additional information, e-mail us by clicking Contact Us.

CLICK HERE for the 2024 Presentation List – these talks are ready to go! 

Below are the general types of topics you’ll find listed:

  • NEW! Introducing the Art of Bonsai for Beginners
  • NEW! Gardening for Birds, Bees and Butterflies
  • NEW! Propagation Demystified
  • NEW! What’s so Special About Orchids?
  • NEW! Herbs
  • NEW! Ethical Native Seed Collection
  • NEW! Bee Curious

General Gardening Knowledge 

  • Attracting Pollinators – must haves for our gardens
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Latest Dirt on Soil
  • Dealing with Insects
  • Growing from Seed
  • Vegetable Gardening
  • Growing Fruit
  • Native Plants
  • Naturalized Gardens
  • Weeds! New ways to manage old problems

Lawns, Shrubs, and Trees 

  • Healthy Lawns..or Alternatives
  • Pruning Techniques and Trimming
  • Shrubs for Design: Adding landscape bones and seasonal interest

Specialty Gardening

  • Container Gardening: there is no limit
  • Climate-smart gardening
  • Growing Cannabis – tips to grow well and do it legally!
  • Holiday Plants
  • Rain Gardens
  • Every Garden Needs Water
  • Climate Smart Gardening
  • Hate your Garden? Let’s do a makeover!
  • Growing Fruit! Tips on how to grow fruit and reap the rewards
  • Growing Native Plants in your Garden
  • Creating Naturalized Gardens
  • Melons! Everything there is to know about these amazing fruits!
  • Hybrid, Heirloom and GMO! What’s all the fuss?
  • Facts, Fables and Fallacies from the Garden
  • Weeds – friend or foe!
  • My Favourite Things – some native plants are beautiful!

So that’s it – It’s easy to find help from the Master Gardeners. Please do contact us and don’t be shy. We were all beginners once and we often learn from your questions too!