It is hard to believe it’s already September 1st, and with Autumn a short 23 days away, my front porch is desperately in need of some sprucing up.  The patio planters are looking tired after the hot summer and I am chomping at the bit to pop in fresh displays.  I’ve been scouring my favourite books, garden centres and Pinterest for Autumn container inspiration.  I found myself amazed at how much abundance Autumncentric plants have to offer.  I thought I would pass along the rich colours and patterned foliage that this season has to offer to inspire my fellow gardeners.

Ideas for Autumn container inspiration.

“A Little Bit of Everything”

Fall Plants

Photo Credit: Midwest Living

I have quite the soft spot for this charming antique container and I’ll tell you why.  This design looks like I popped by my favorite garden centre in September and picked up “a little bit of everything”.  These plants are super accessible, easy to grow and the composition is a piece of cake to execute.  In the centre, there is a swath of burgundy chrysanthemums that anchors this arrangement.  The mums are encircled by ornamental cabbage, trailing superbells, goldilocks, tricolor sage and fountain grass placed at the very back.  If you use antique galvanized containers, make sure your container has good holes for drainage.

Friendly Fall Display

Violas Grass Pansys

Photography Credit: Gene Bussell of Southern Living

If you’re looking for the friendliest Fall display around, look no further!  The warm autumn mix of orange pansies and violas brings an instant smile to my face.  Wheatgrass and English ivy fill the middle pot of the arrangement.  The wheatgrass brings an element of unexpected playfulness and texture.  As a bonus, you can enjoy the health benefits of wheatgrass by keeping these pots manicured.  Deadhead any tired pansies every three days to encourage more blossoms.

Back to Black: Gothic Garden

Source: Nancy J. Ondra, Container Theme Gardens | Photograph: Rob Cardillo

Popular in the Victorian era, Gothic gardens can be enjoyed year-round but are especially popular around Halloween.  What we call “black” plants are usually a deep violet or dark burgundy that appears almost black.  The bright green found in the coleus, violet, and bugleweed adds a contrast that makes the dark mondo grass and coral bells pop!

Cabbage Lovers + Moody Colors

Kale and Cabbage

Photo Credit: Deborah Silver | Blog: Dirt Simple.

This one is for the cabbage lovers out there!  (I can picture this one in front of my Polish Babcia’s house!)  There is a simplistic elegance to this container.  The bleached branches and leaves highlight the moody colours and textures of the Redbor Kale.  I did have some trouble scouring my favorite garden centres for those beautiful bleached leaves.  That said, tall funky grasses can always withstand a coat or two of spray paint.  If you aren’t feeling crafty, the Money Tree (Lunaria) seed pods would be a great replacement.  Also, the tall bleached branches are a two-season bonus as they easily could transition as a lovely centerpiece in a winter container.

A Visual Feast

Pumpkins and Mums

Photo Credit: Liz Marie | Blog: Liz Marie Blog

This design is a visual feast of textures, patterns, and colours!  Even though this front porch is busy, the monochromatic colour palette creates a harmony that is easy on the eyes.  It also shows how single plants, like these white chrysanthemums, can look so smart!

Remember that containers can always be jazzed up for Autumn by tucking in pumpkins or gourds.  You can also add visual flair by placing cut branches of berries or orange leaves into the center of a container for a vertical accent.

I hope these patio planters that I found so inspiring help you when spicing up your containers this season and bring the feeling of Autumn abundance to your space.