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Grow Native!

Native plants are so beneficial and easy to grow! They are well adapted to the soils, the regional climate and wildlife - and will continue to survive climate change. Learn more about why we should all be growing at least a few natives. Check out the handy links to local growers and nurseries.


Sunday Oct 15, 2017 – Master Gardeners hosting Native Plant & Gardening Workshop

The London Middlesex Master Gardeners are hosting a workshop in October and this year we are Going Native! The full day session, offered at the price of only $60, will be of interest to any level of gardener interested in learning the many benefits of native and sustainable gardening practices. For Master gardeners this event will qualify for 6 CEU's. Hope you will join us!


Get “In the Zone”!

Do you want garden design that looks terrific AND serves a purpose? Interested in advice from wildlife and gardening experts? If so, check out 'In the Zone', a new guide to help you cultivate vital habitat. We can impact the health of the ecosystem on which people and wildlife depend.


Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are an excellent way to use rain water for our own plants and avoid runoff. Learn about the basics - it's easier than you'd think!


Gardening Blogs and Tips

Interested in reading a regular garden blog to learn about a wide variety of garden issues? Here are a few we've found so far that seem to be appropriate for our zone.


Plant, Weed and Pest Databases

What plant should I grow where? What plant is this in my garden? What types of plants grow well in shade or in certain soils? What bug is that? Why are my vegetables not thriving? All these questions and more can often be answered by searching a reputable plant database. We suggest you try one of these