Saving seeds can be easy and can save you money. 

There are many reasons for gardeners to start saving seeds. Sometimes its because we want to save the best varieties that have produced well in our gardens; sometimes its because we don’t like GMO or treated seeds or can’t easily find the seeds we  want; sometimes it’s just because it’s fun to see what we can grow ‘from scratch’.

Whatever our reasons to save seeds, here’s a great article that will help us understand what to save (Hint – not hybrid seeds as they won’t breed ‘true’). Most importantly we want to know when and how to save so our carefully saved seeds will germinate. Click the image below to read an article with very clear tips about what when and how to do it right!

Share your excess

NB We encourage you to share any extra seeds at a local seed swap such as the one in London Ontario called Seedy Saturday which happens on the first Saturday in March.  

Click the image below to read this article which will

  • Tell you the difference between annual, biennial and perennial plants
  • Discuss what pollination is
  • Inform you about the importance of saving seeds
  • Teach you about the lifespan of a seed
  • Give you the materials you will need when you are planning to save seeds
  • Explain the process of saving your seeds: harvest, clean, and store
  • Share with you expert tips and tricks
  • Let you know the difference between hybrids and pure breeds
  • Answer frequently asked questions