Plant, Weed and Pest Databases

What plant should I grow where? What plant is this in my garden? What types of plants grow well in shade or in certain soils? All these questions and more can often be answered by searching a reputable plant database. We suggest you try one of these

Podcast series “Garden Myths Busted”. Joe Gardener gets the facts from Linda Chalker-Scott

Check out a recent podcast series offered by Joe Gardener that features one of our trusted gardening advisors – Linda Chalker-Scott. She answers Joe’s questions about dozens of garden tips – are they fact or myth?


Gardening Tips

The Nativar Conundrum – New Research on Natives vs. Native Cultivars with Dr. Doug Tallamy

Native plant or native cultivar? What we buy at local nurseries often are “nativars”- a cultivar, or selection, of a native plant. Read or listen to a podcast by Dr Doug Tallamy explaining the significant ecological implications to this choice.