Sunday Oct 15, 2017 – Master Gardeners hosting Native Plant & Gardening Workshop

The London Middlesex Master Gardeners are hosting another Technical Update in October and this year we are Going Native! The full day session offered at an early bird price of $50 will qualify for 6 CEU’s. Space is limited and we will hold all spots for Master Gardeners until Sept 15th and offer to the public after that. Hope you will join us!

Invader of the month – Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard has rapidly become one of the most invasive plants we’ve ever seen in Ontario. It spreads aggressively by seed so the time to deal with it is in spring before more seed is distributed!
Check out the Best management Practices with great information about how to control this invasive plant.


Gardening Tips

Gardening as a family? Try these ideas to make it a great experience!

Gardening is an activity for all ages and abilities. It can have a wide positive impact on a family such as improving diets, providing positive family time together, encouraging exercise, reducing stress and more.