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Remember.....~ The Earth Laughs in Flowers ~...R.W. Emerson

Seeds to Table (8 Week Course) Mar 21-May 9, 2017

8 weeks of classroom instruction and hands-on workshops covering everything from soil preparation and seed selection to planting, maintaining, harvesting and preserving. Focus is on gardens you can EAT as well as colourful and helpful companion flowers.

Budding Gardeners (6 Week Course) Mar 23-Apr 27, 2017

Children learn about gardening and how much fun it can be to grow food they can actually EAT. Encourage that green thumb with an introductory Gardening Course for children aged 8-10 years. A hands-on experience in a greenhouse setting.


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Get “In the Zone”!

Do you want garden design that looks terrific AND serves a purpose? Interested in advice from wildlife and gardening experts? If so, check out ‘In the Zone’, a new guide to help you cultivate vital habitat. Connect with a community of gardeners to share tips and exchange native plants. We can impact the health of the ecosystem on which people and wildlife depend.