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Our blog posts and helpful articles are science-based and environmentally-friendly. Identify plants, weeds, and pests. Diagnose diseases. Learn the best growing practices for great harvests and beautiful gardens.

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Check out the opportunities to learn more about gardening with courses, advice clinics, and events hosted by Master Gardeners and other terrific community groups.

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Apps, Plant Identification databases and more. All available to you ‘on the go’ which really helps when trying to identify plants, pests or weeds. Helpful tools to get you growing!

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Plant Health
January 10, 2020 Plant Health for 2020

International Year of Plant Health Since 1960 the United Nations have designated specific ‘International Years’ ...

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  • Urban Farmer Series 2018

Urban Farmer iv - Gerry 

This fourth episode of the first season of Urban Farmers focuses on Gerry Fradette. He gives much of the produce from his garden to food banks. 

Urban Farmer i - Nancy

The first in this series on Urban Farmers in London, Ontario, Canada focuses on Nancy Abra who uses her one acre garden to give birth to entrepreneurial ideas.

Urban Farmers iii - Jordan

In this third chapter on Urban Farmers in London, Ontario Canada meet Jordan, a French teacher by occupation and a passionate square foot gardener by choice. 

Urban Farmer ii - Cheryl

Second in the series on Urban Farmers in the London, Ontario area introduces Cheryl from Strathroy and her sustainable pesticide-free garden.