What a difference a year makes! Seedy Saturday Garden Fest will be back for our 14th year, but this time it will be much different!

We will be offering a virtual Seedy Saturday Garden Fest event on the first Saturday in March. Save this date – March 6, 2021!

What we Know

  • our usual venue is now a public health facility for COVID testing
  • the guidelines to restrict gatherings and implement distancing etc to avoid transmission will almost certainly be necessary into the spring.
  • It’s looking optimistic for Vaccines but they won’t be available in time

Our Conclusion – Sadly we cannot run an indoor event in March 2021.

What we are Planning for Seedy Saturday Garden Fest 2021

  • offering 3 online talks for the gardening public on Saturday, March 6th. Registration details are being figured out but we expect to be able to offer these talks for free or for a very minimal fee.
  • information sharing online so the public will have easy access to the usual vendors and exhibitors and hopefully continue to find ways to support our local businesses and nonprofits

More to come. When we have a plan, we will get the details out to all previous vendors and exhibitors and to all our gardening and horticultural friends.

Stay Tuned and Save the Date for a virtual event – March 6, 2021

Here’s the list of last year’s vendors and exhibitors. Please continue to support local businesses 2020 Seedy Saturday Vendors and Exhibitors

CLICK HERE for a handy list of Online Catalogs

We expect to be back on March 5, 2022, with the Seedy Saturday “London’s Garden Fest” that you’ve come to expect. Save the date and watch for information in the fall of 2021 about the speaker topics so you can come out to learn, browse the marketplace, and talk with dozens of vendors and exhibitors about gardening.

Seedy Saturday Garden Fest is where gardeners come each year to LEARN, SHOP  and GROW.

2020 was our 13th year. Our regulars say that Seedy Saturday is the best way to beat the winter blues and kick off the gardening season!

  • a day of fun, shopping, and learning for novice to advanced home gardeners.
  • great deals for those seeking seeds, supplies, decor, local food, and other products
  • the opportunity to meet and chat with local community groups or get advice from horticultural experts
  • a large community seed swap
  • if you want to grow any plants or trees and especially if you like the idea of growing your own food, this is the place to learn how to do it and buy what you need!

Admission is usually $5 and includes all of the above PLUS the opportunity to sit in on three educational and interesting talks throughout the day.

Plan to join us for Seedy Saturday Garden Fest. It’s always on the first Saturday in March.