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Hi fellow gardeners,

This newsletter is compiled by your local Master Gardeners. Our advice is based on specialized training plus access to high quality resources. We believe in growing, making and buying LOCAL and in treating Mother Nature well too!

Here are upcoming events and our latest articles. Come Grow With Us!

Master Gardener Upcoming Events

SEEDY SATURDAY Gardening Event - Seeds, Seminars, Exhibitors! March 2, 2019

Come to LEARN and SHOP! Great vendors and educational exhibits, talks throughout the day, seeds and garden supplies to get you going for the season. Seed Swap too. Join us March 2, 2019.
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Free Garden In The City Talks @ London Central Library Mar 5, 12, 25 2019

Join us for three FREE informative and fun talks at Central Library March 5, 12 & 25, 7pm-8:30 pm. Learn about climate-smart gardening, balcony, container and small space gardens and Rain Gardens.
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Latest Posts

Growing Cannabis Legally

2019 is the first year for growing cannabis legally outdoors in Ontario. Learn more about rules, strains, growing conditions, drying, and curing.

Are native cultivars as valuable to pollinators? No.

The named native cultivars you may purchase at a nursery are often NOT as good for pollinators as the true native species!

Weeds - Know Your Enemy!

Learn how to identify Ontario weeds, their favorite spots and germination conditions. Knowing the habits of dastardly weeds is a big part of solving the problem!

Grow a Rainbow of Tomatoes

Your complete guide on tomatoes! You'll gain more insight into unique varieties and how to grow 'love apples' that are perfect and flavourful.

2019 Gardening Trends

2019 brings a whole host of new ideas for our gardens. Learn all about Nature and Ecology trends, new high-performing low-maintenance plants, plus intriguing shapes, textures and branching habits.

Clean Your Bird Feeders

Bird feeders can be a source of disease for the birds we love to watch on cold wintery days. Learn about common bird diseases and how to avoid spreading them!
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