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While we continue to be safe and practice social distancing, more days at our homes makes now a great time to get into our yards for a little 'peas' and quiet. Whether you are doing a spring cleanup, planning a vegetable garden, or sowing flower seeds - there has never been a better excuse to garden!

New to Gardening? Start with good soil and a realistic plan. Start slow and start small. If you try and create a farm overnight, neither you nor the farm is going to be happy with the results. Enjoy planting a few reliable varieties, and be sure to check our website for gardening tips and tricks to set you on the right path. You'll be rewarded with fresh, healthy food to harvest this summer!

Our Latest 'Sprouts'

Goth Gardening - Wow. Black Plants add Drama!

Channel your inner Morticia Addams and dive into the dark world of black foliage, flowers, and Victorian-inspired gardening!
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Unfolding Black Dahlia in Goth Garden

Before you cut a tree - Bylaws and Permits

Before you mess with a tree, know the rules. This article will help you cut through the confusion surrounding tree removal, pruning, and permits.
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Before you cut a tree - Bylaws and Permits

Make your own Plant Pots - low-cost, recycled, kid-friendly

Did you know you can make seed starter pots for young transplants and seedlings in a snap using recycled materials you have at home?
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Make your own Plant Pots - low-cost, recycled, kid-friendly

Hydrangea leaf curl? Likely a tiny caterpillar

Learn how to prevent, control, and evict the Leaftiers - those spring-time hydrangea enemies that will try to ruin your flowers.
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Hydrangea leaf curl? Likely the 'Leaftier' caterpillar

More Posts to inspire your inner veggie grower:

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately, all gardening events are still cancelled or deferred. You may wish to spend some time 'virtually gardening' with these videos of famous gardens shared by Garden Making Magazine.
Senior woman with grandaughter gardening in the backyard garden.
We love to hear from gardeners and answer questions. Don't be shy. We were all new to this once!
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