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As gardeners, we have a lot of pent-up energy after months of being stuck indoors. Thankfully, our Spring newsletter is filled with articles to inspire you to get out in your gardens and start the growing season off right. Gardening is truly good for our health!

Our Latest 'Sprouts'

Spring Checklist for Gardeners

Yes, it's spring and time to get out in the sunshine and enjoy our gardens. Here's a spring checklist including some Do's and Don'ts.
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Spring Checklist for Gardeners

Top 4 Benefits of Gardening

Child in garden
Yes, there are more, but here are the 4 that I believe are most important to our health, happiness and the environment! As one of our readers, you probably are already a gardener but you may not realize ALL the benefits!
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Grow for a Healthy Immune System

Vegetables you should be growing in your garden if you want to grow for a healthy immune system. What to plant to boost your body’s natural defenses.
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Boost Immune System

Create a Habitat-Friendly Yard

Create a Habitat-Friendly Yard - Top 10 Ways
Our yards can be practical growing areas and relaxing family spaces. They can also support wildlife and the environment. Here are 10+ easy ways to create a garden full of life!
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Hellebores - flowers in late winter!

Hellebores burst forth in late winter with flowers that last for weeks followed by attractive foliage all summer. Check out this hardy perennial. You'll want one.
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Hellebores - Apr 18 2019

Upcoming Events

In lieu of our normal list of gardening events, here are some ideas for fun and healthy activities. Credit to BorntobeAdventurous.com
Senior woman with grandaughter gardening in the backyard garden.
We love to hear from gardeners and answer questions. Don't be shy. We were all new to this once!
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