Warm sunshine and melting snow! We're starting to see those wonderful tell-tale signs of Spring - swelling buds on trees and bulbs beginning to pop up their heads to say "hello!". What could be better? Of course, as our friends begin to wake up, it's time to get planning on how we can help them be their best in our gardens!

Here's what we're doing this month:

    • Deciding what to grow from seed and getting our seeds ordered or bought locally. There may be shortages this year so we recommend getting your seeds soon. Some should be started indoors now. Here's a seed starting guide listing many favourites for our zone.
    • Considering what our families like to eat fresh, which varieties are disease-resistant, also what works well in the soil/sun/size of garden we each have available. We also like to grow extra so we can eat our own healthy veggies all winter. Ideas for freezing produce.
    • Thinking about what we want to plant where. We try to change what veggies we grow in each spot. There are many good reasons for mixing it up including benefits for nutrients and reduction of disease and pest outbreaks. Read More in the Crop Rotation post below.
    • Growing at least 1 new vegetable. Did you join us for our recent Seedy Saturday talks? If so, you heard about lots of interesting vegetables that are tasty and unique. Here's Amy's list of Uncommon Vegetables.
    • NO - Walking on wet soil or lawn. We absolutely must resist the temptation to get out there too early or we'll be compacting our soil and regretting it forever. Already have compacted soil? Here's what to do about compaction.
    • NO - raking/removing leaf litter and plant stems yet from our garden beds. That's where the bees and bugs live and they need time to wake up in the spring. We try to leave those stems to break down and eventually be covered by the growing plants.
    • Checking for winter damage and trimming any broken or diseased branches out of our shrubs and trees. We use sharp clean pruners so our cuts will help the woody plant repair itself and make it less susceptible to future disease and pests.
    • Once the soil is workable, we'll be planting cool-season crops such as onions, broccoli, kale, cauliflower.

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    What's happening in our Community?

    Thanks to those who joined us for our first virtual event on March 6th.

    Shop-Learn-Grow at Seedy Saturday - March 5, 2022

    NEW - Westminster Ponds Centre - Environmental Hub

    The Westminster Ponds Centre (WPC) which adjoins awesome trails in a natural area, is now a hub for local environmental groups to collaboratively create resources and programs. The public will soon be able to book indoor and outdoor learning and events!

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    Westminster Ponds Centre - London's hub for Environment & Sustainability
    Senior woman with grandaughter gardening in the backyard garden.

    We love to hear from gardeners and answer questions. Don't be shy. We were all new to this once!
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