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Ugly leaves may mean disease -Onions, Cucumber, Melons, Tomatoes and more!

Many of our vegetable diseases first appear to us as ugly leaves with blotch marks or a white coating. These marks can warn you about a big problem you should correct quickly or may just be relatively minor blemishes. The trick is to know which is which and what to do about it! Here are three great infographics to help you understand foliar diseases that affect edibles such as Onion, Squash, Zucchini, Melon, Cucumber and Tomatoes.


Attracting Birds to your Garden

Why would you want to attract birds into your garden? What is needed to make them want to move in? Which species might set up residence in your yard? What can you plant to make them want to stay?


When is the best time to apply Horticultural Oil?

Horticultural oil is an ideal remedy to deter overwintering pests. The best time to apply it to woody plants and shrubs is before the buds break and leaves open but you also want the little pests to be active, not hiding, so wait until temperatures warm up to above zero for at least 24 hours.


Book a Master Gardener

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