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Attracting Birds to your Garden

Why would you want to attract birds into your garden? What is needed to make them want to move in? Which species might set up residence in your yard? What can you plant to make them want to stay?


Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air and it's time to plan, buy seeds and do a few tasks that will get us ready for a great growing season. Here's a checklist of spring tasks and links to great sites for more ideas. Are your green fingers and thumbs just twitching with anticipation? Ours are!


Starting Seeds

Seed packages usually identify how many weeks ahead of average last frost date to start the seeds. Count back from that frost date for each type of seed. Start hardening off for 1-2 weeks after this date and keep a close eye on the night temperatures. May 24 is a safer date for actually planting out.