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Ugly leaves may mean disease -Onions, Cucumber, Melons, Tomatoes and more!

Many of our vegetable diseases first appear to us as ugly leaves with blotch marks or a white coating. These marks can warn you about a big problem you should correct quickly or may just be relatively minor blemishes. The trick is to know which is which and what to do about it! Here are three great infographics to help you understand foliar diseases that affect edibles such as Onion, Squash, Zucchini, Melon, Cucumber and Tomatoes.


Gardening Blogs and Tips

Interested in reading a regular garden blog to learn about a wide variety of garden issues? Here are a few we've found so far that seem to be appropriate for our zone.


Master Gardener University Extension Resources

Many universities across Canada and the USA offer courses for master gardeners and are excellent resources of unbiased information that has been well researched. The northern USA sites typically offer lots of free information for agricultural uses and home gardens and their information is often geared to the same zones as we encounter in our Ontario gardens.