Spring is on its way. Although there’s a bit of snow here and there in our zone 5-6 gardens of Ontario, the signs of spring are evident and the forecast is positive.

Now before you get too excited, please DON’T compact your soil by getting out there too early.

You can safely do some work such as pruning while the ground is still frozen. But before you can work on your garden beds, the soil must be fully thawed and excess moisture allowed to seep away. Working on wet soil causes compaction and compaction damages drainage and changes the soil structure. This causes more problems than many realize …and worst of all – Weeds seem to thrive in such conditions!

Some things to DO in spring

  • Plan your vegetable and flower gardens and order seeds
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs and evergreens
  • Top up beds with compost if not already done in fall
  • Re-open ponds and water features.
  • Reconnect irrigation systems and rain barrels
  • Repair winter damage or replace trellis and plant supports (eg position peony rings so stems will grow through)
  • Remove potential sources of disease eg fallen leaves below trees, roses or other plants that were diseased last summer (esp roses that suffered from blackspot)
  • Rake lawns lightly. Aerate them then topdress lightly with good quality compost.
  • Prepare tools for duty – sharpen lawnmower blade, inflate wheelbarrow tires, clean and lubricate pruners etc

An extensive list of Garden projects from Earth Easy

Landscape Ontario’s list of Colourful and cold tolerant plants and bulbs that can be planted very soon

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A helpful Gardens Don’t Have to be Thirsty presentation courtesy of City of London’s Growing Naturally program. Worthwhile reading of changes we all can make that reduce impact on environment and workload too!

Last but not least, Check out these links to great vendors, exhibitors and catalogs from our 2018 Seedy Saturday event!

Spring is finally on its way. It’s time to start planning and working on ways to enjoy your garden and its bounty even more this year!