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Gardening Apps

For those gardeners who have smart mobile devices, there's a massive amount of information now available to you 'on the go'. This can be particularly helpful when trying to identify plants, pests or weeds.

Here are a few links to applications to get you started. Do your research to find the best and least expensive options. Most apps have been tested and reviewed or rated by other gardeners so that's a good place to start.


Plant, Weed and Pest Databases

What plant should I grow where? What plant is this in my garden? What types of plants grow well in shade or in certain soils? What bug is that? Why are my vegetables not thriving? All these questions and more can often be answered by searching a reputable plant database. We suggest you try one of these


Horticultural Groups

Want to join a group to learn more about gardening, get involved in community garden projects, learn about floral design or simply benefit from the camaraderie of talking about gardening with other enthusiasts? If so, a horticultural society or garden club might be for you. Here are some local groups


Master Gardener University Extension Resources

Many universities across Canada and the USA offer courses for master gardeners and are excellent resources of unbiased information that has been well researched. The northern USA sites typically offer lots of free information for agricultural uses and home gardens and their information is often geared to the same zones as we encounter in our Ontario gardens.