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About London Middlesex Master Gardeners

We’ve ‘grown’ a lot!
The Master Gardener program originated in Canada with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) initiative to engage volunteers to provide horticultural information to the public. Since 1985 London has had an active group of experienced gardeners who volunteer in the community. Each master gardener has completed an eligibility test and/or enrolled in independent-study courses at the University of Guelph or Dalhousie University. London Middlesex Master Gardeners organize events, teach courses, give talks, and answer gardening questions to assist thousands of home gardeners every year.

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Informed! That’s how we’d like all home gardeners to be.
Our volunteers are available to do talks for your group on a variety of subjects. We also attend many events to offer growing advice (so you can sprout!) to educate the public.

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Fun and Rewarding! (And Educational!)
London Middlesex Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who provide unbiased advice and expertise to encourage successful and sustainable horticultural practices for home gardeners.

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