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  • Many tours are self-hosted. This means, you get a ticket and a map listing the gardens on the tour and it’s up to you to get to them in the time allotted.
  • Prior to the tour date, be sure to get tickets if they offer advance sales. Often advance tickets are slightly cheaper and you are guaranteed admission. Popular tours can sell-out.
  • Bring exact cash for purchasing your tickets.
  • The locations where tickets are sold varies with each tour. Check ahead: they are not always available on tour day or at the tour sites.
  • Never assume that children or pets are allowed. Check with tour organizers.
  • Keep in mind that these tours are almost always run by volunteers. Some run perfectly, others have struggles. It’s your job to be understanding. It’s extraordinarily generous (and brave) for gardeners to share their gardens and it’s a good deed that people volunteer. Kindness and thankfulness go a long way. No one needs to hear criticisms, especially on these long, busy days.
  • Bring a camera, wear your sunscreen, and dress for the weather.
  • If you get the ticket in advance, put the addresses in your GPS so you’re set for the day.
  • Many organizers do not expect visitors from outside their areas, so have a good map (or your GPS) ready. Often the maps provided are intended for someone with a basic knowledge of the area or landmarks. If I relied on some of the maps provided, I’d probably still be there driving around in circles.
  • When visiting the gardens, unless specifically offered, do not take or request plant cuttings or seeds or anything else. The hosts at the gardens may or may not be the homeowners. It’s their job to make sure everyone gets to view the garden and no harm is done. Sometimes Master Gardeners are also available to answer questions. And don’t stand in the garden beds.
  • Loved a tour? Consider joining that Hort Society. You can attend meetings and special events and your money goes to a good cause. Hort societies educate about gardening, share ideas, host tours, and volunteer to improve local gardens.

Reference: Ontario Horticultural Society Events page for garden tours